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Big Hill Retreat

Rear Big Hill Road, Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada

Big Hill Pottery

In December 2009, Big Hill Pottery opened.

Working with new clay, new glazes and a rebuilt kiln - and Linda's 25+ years of experience/ cumulative inspiration - it's a ball!

Pottery Studio


Throwing on the wheel has always been my main passion. I love the sensual nature of clay. There is such a deep sense of satisfaction within me when I prepare balls of clay and head to the wheel - it still has a magical quality for me. I use porcelain clay, mainly because I love the whiteness in the fired state, and the light quality when glazed.

I tend to work in series, and in a rhythm that allows me to throw enough to fill a bisque kiln, which can usually yield 2 glaze kilns. I'll vary the forms and items, but usually work in terms of how many of a certain item fits on a ware board! For example, I can get 12 mugs on a ware board and I most often make 3-5 ware boards worth of mugs at a time. Throwing enough work in a day to allow for the drying process is often the challenge.


I like being able to trim the work while it is still quite soft and easily trimmed. Also, adding handles is more successful when the work is still a bit on the soft side. For the past couple of years I've been doing most of the decoration while the piece is still soft. Using stamps for example, or at the leather hard stage, when I'm carving the design into the piece. My inspiration is wide and varied…. simple symbols are often used.

I am drawn to pattern making and have been influenced over the years by many other potter's work, and also historic pottery, particularly work from places like Iran, China and Japan. I also enjoy hand building, using slabs of clay, either to drape over a mould or slump into a mould. Creating larger pieces using leather hard slabs is also something I love - hand building offers a slower pace and can be very relaxing. All the pieces are glazed in one of the 4-5 glazes that I make from scratch in the studio. Glaze exploration has been occupying my time a great deal lately.

Wine Cups

Previously, I used only a base white glaze and paint on top with stains, very similar to a majolica technique. However, I've become more interested lately in exploring textures and what glazes do on a stamped or carved surface! I am getting some very exciting results. Glaze chemistry is a struggle but one that I am enjoying immensely. All my work is fired in oxidation (electric kiln) to cone 6. All glazes are food safe and the work is oven proof, microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Artist

Linda 1

Linda Wright, originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, has been a potter for almost 25 years. Since graduating from Sheridan School of Craft and Design, Ontario, in 1985, she has been committed to creating functional pottery that inspires and delights her customers.


Her first studio was in the basement of her home in Hamilton, Ontario. Things took an 'interesting' turn when twin daughters, Bronwyn and Morgan, were born in 1988. In the summer of 1990, the whole family moved to Muskoka, built a home and studio/showroom. At that time, Northshore Pottery was created, and was involved to a large degree, in the Muskoka artist community. Linda enjoyed producing pottery for the local cottagers in the area, craft shows and many stores in and around Muskoka for over 17 years. She also spent a large part of her time teaching pottery to both beginners and the more advanced students. Teaching has always been a strong element in Linda's career as a potter; she loves to experience the excitement her students find in exploring clay.


Now, here on Cape Breton Island, Linda is once again recreating herself and her work. With the amazing talent and hard work of her partner Terry Henderson, the barn that used to house the goats and horses, is now a beautiful, light filled studio. New glazes are being explored and there is great excitement when it is time to open the kiln.